Visa policy TIGHTENED! Must Know Before You Start Updated 2017-10-15


We can STILL do all 50 states at the lowest rate and highest reliability! BUT NOTE:

注意:有些签证可能要求打指模,如工作 /学生, 也可能公务签证等原因。会时间更长, 开支更多 L

1. Recommend Q-Visiting or L-Tourist visa IF EVER POSSIBLE simple, easy and quick !

Effective immediately, many other visa types LIKE 1). Z-work visa; 2). X-Student visa; 3). F-business OR any other reason, may be selected for finger prints (in person), causing a delay, more work and more cost. IF SO selected, we will notify you by email, and may delay more if you missed email in time. Upon notification, you may do:

Option 1: Change to tourist visa OR personal visiting visa (See <Document Checklist> for requirements later); AND, we will charge each $25 additional service fee (by paypal =$26.05);

Option 2: Plan to do finger prints in person. Will need $24.95 x2 to overnight the appointment NOTICE to you (with time & Consulate name & address); after you get done, overnight the receipt to us, for pick up & mail later.

AND, we will charge each $25 additional service fee (= total $74.90, by paypal = $77.45);


Option 3: If you have to cancel the service, we will refund visa fee, BUT NOT shipping fee & service fee, etc.

 2. Effective 2016, photo must meet the requirements as shown:

Need formal, front, color, clear background, photo paper, within 6 months

View photo samples and standards

ESPECIALLY FACE SIZE, MUST fit frame 15-22 mm W x 28-33 mm H.

Best service provider we know: Costco, $4.99 in 15 minutes

IF photo does not meet requirements, it MAY simply be rejected. We WILL:

A.  Hold and delay the process;

B.  IF face size OK, we may trim the overall size to fit, no extra charge;

C.  IF possible, we need to re-scan, re-size, re-print, at $25 each


3. Visa Application Form MUST BE TYPED (a few items in Chinese hand writing OK). IF found manual form, we will re-type, and charge $15 additional


4. Each application may need some supporting documents. See <Document Checklist> in Service Form later (will show when online registration complete).

Text Box:

5. MUST Email us for further actions may be needed if you (NEW):

5A. Changed name and the new name is the First time for China visa;

5B. Have a background related to: Political / US armed force / news media, religion, or criminal records

5C. IF you are going F business / X student / Z work visa etc. you may be required to do finger prints IN PERSON

(Will notify only if so selected read item #1 above)

  ** Short of any item above, may cause delay AND $10 additional fee.

以上文件短缺,或者不合格,必须补齐方可办理。为此可能延误, 并加收$10服务费

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